Wednesday, January 6, 2016

FC Sports Ketchup: Volume II - Baseball

Okay so in my previous entry I posted that I have an awesome gig working with the college-- the whole watching sports and taking pictures thing is pretty rad. My job is very fun and pleasurable but there is a lot of work that goes along with it though. A lot. But I love it.

When it comes to shooting baseball, I have a hard time grasping the fact that I am getting paid to watch my favorite sport and take pictures. Like, really-- I'm getting paid for this?! I would happily hang out at the field and take baseball pictures for free (don't tell that to FC though because I need to pay my bills and I need to eat and all that stuff), but like I said, it trips me out to have this job because it doesn't really feel like 'work' to me. I can't properly describe this feeling, but it's a really good feeling.

Like football, I have a lot of access to the team/players so I get to shoot the behind the scenes and game action. The coaches and athletes know who I am and often treat me like I'm part of the team, so I'm in the dugout with the guys, giving the fans a perspective they might not be familiar with. I thought I had a hard time selecting my football photos I wanted to share with y'all, until I got to selecting my baseball photos. Oof! That was tough. The football season this past year was 11 weeks long where the baseball season was I think close to 40 games-- as you can imagine, the editing/selection process with baseball is pretty difficult. Anyhow, here are some a bunch of my favorite FC Baseball photos from 2015.

Check back tomorrow for some FC Volleyball photos.
Thanks for looking.

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