Thursday, January 7, 2016

FC Sports Ketchup: Volume III - Volleyball

Backing it up a little bit to 2014, Fullerton College asked me to cover a couple of volleyball games at the beginning of the season. Phil needed some images to put on the schedule poster. So I went out and got the images he needed and that should have been it. But during the two games I went to, I had a really good time and upon reviewing my images, I felt really good about my results. So I went back the next week to their next home game. Then I went back again, and again, and again for the rest of the season.

Now fast forward to the 2015 season, again Phil asked me for some images for the poster. So I went out and shot those (poster looked pretty good, by the way). And like in 2014, I kept going back to volleyball each week for the duration of the season. I like the energy in the gym. I like the pace. I like how close I can get to the action. I like the images I'm getting when I shoot volleyball. And I like that the athletes enjoy my work (even though I do this whole photography thing for myself, it's nice to have my work appreciated). Unlike football and baseball, I don't have all the access I have with the team, so I only shoot games, no practice or  too much behind the scenes stuff. Here are some images I really like from the FC Women's Volleyball 2015 season:

Thanks for looking.

And now a couple of bonus pictures of the girls goofing off and hamming it up for the camera:

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