Monday, January 18, 2016

Fifty-Two // Kevin Castro

Like in week one of my project, things didn't quite go as planned in week two. A couple different times throughout the week, I had a couple different maybes lined up, but they eventually turned into no's. So Saturday had come around (the last day I give myself to shoot each week) and still hadn't had anyone lined up. My brother, Jon had mentioned he had a show booked Saturday night. When I heard that, I knew it meant they would most likely have a quick little rehearsal sometime beforehand. Or if nothing less, the dudes would come by to load up all their gear. I knew right away this would be the best and possibly only chance I'd get at shooting someone.

We were lucky enough to have just a little bit of daylight still hanging around when we got to shooting-- it wasn't much, but it was enough to still shoot outside and get a decent exposure without the use of any lights or flashes. Because everything was so last minute (again) I didn't really have time to plan anything out or take my time (I was moving quick because the sun was retreating quickly) in working with Kevin, but that's one of the many challenges I like about photography. I like having to think on my feet when I get to a location and it's not anything I had in mind. I like having to call an audible and adjust my plan/vision on the go. It keeps me sharp and ultimately a better photographer.

When I was in school, one of my instructors, Steve Ostrowski nailed it in my head to be adaptive. He always told us to not be married to on an idea going into a shoot because you can arrive at your location and nothing will work out with the vision you were so set on. Then what do you do? If you had only one thing in mind and the clock is ticking, chances are it's not going to work out for you. He gave us exercises and assignments that would imitate a very similar scenario I was in Saturday afternoon as the sun was setting and time was winding down. I usually make sure I schedule everything well in advance when working with clients and I take into account time of day, the available light we'll be working with, and of course the duration of time we'll have to shoot, so when I'm thrown into a situation like I was in Saturday, those lessons Steve had for us come in handy.

This project originally was a challenge I gave myself to get more comfortable working with people and instructing them-- something I'm admittedly not the best at. Little did I know, I was going to be challenged in other ways, and so early on for that matter. So far I'm very happy with how things are playing out. And finally, here are my images of Kevin Castro. Kevin and my brother Jon play in a crust punk/grindcore/death metal band called Cringe. They play mostly house/backyard shows and parties in Fullerton, Anaheim, and surrounding areas. And surprisingly to me, they play quite a bit in Compton as well. You can listen to an older demo on their BANDCAMP page or head over to their FACEBOOK page and find out when they're playing a backyard near you.

(That's my brother, not Kevin-- my brother is cooler than Kevin, for sure)

Thanks for looking. I'll be posting my week three images very soon, because guess what, I've already shot them! Yeah! Check that out, not rushing around last minute for once. Chyeah!

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