Friday, January 8, 2016

Rhymesayers 20

Another 2015 post real quick-- sorry I just feel like I gotta post some of the work I never really posted last year. In early December, Rhymesayers celebrated their 20th Anniversary at the Target Center in Downtown Minneapolis which I was lucky enough to score a press pass for [insert cool sunglasses emoji-- blogspot doesn't support emojis].

The night moved along very quickly as each of the performers took the stage one after another after another. My guy, Stef/P.O.S took the stage first to kick off the night. I personally thought he would've done better/deserved to be later in the evening, but he had a Doomtree show to get to in Chicago so he had to dip out early. As always, his performance was exciting. It's great to see him up there doing his thing again and feeling healthy.

I'm not going to break down the night or give a performance by performance recap, instead I'll leave you with my top 5 takeaways from the evening, as well as some photos (obviously).
  1. P.O.S is a champ. As I just mentioned, he went on first so the crowd wasn't too big yet but he had everyone movin and shakin. Also, he flew in from being on tour to play this show, then rushed to the airport to fly out and continue the Doomtree tour. Bawse.
  2. The amount of mention/support for the BLM movement from the performers was really inspiring and refreshing (although not surprising). It just felt good to hear them publicly share information/support for something that is important. Especially in the hip-hop community.
    The amount of people on social media who expressed their thoughts with how they were 'at a rap show not a protest' (or something similar) was shocking. I guess I just figured that if you love the artists on the bill enough to go buy their records and see them live, you would also be a little more supportive of the message/thought behind their music. Hmph.
  3. I wish more women would have been onstage that evening. I am aware that there were many women behind the scenes who helped organize and produce the event, but it woulda been tight to have some more female talent on stage.
  4. Prof crushed it. He had the whole Target Center going completely bonkers throughout his whole set. I have never seen anything like that at a rap show. I've seen crowds that are wildin out, but in an arena like that-- that was nuts. I'm so happy for that dude. 
  5. Seeing the Target Center full of indie rap fans was a really special feeling. Knowing the history of Rhymesayers and how they built that label from the ground up and then looking around the arena and seeing all those people on their feet, rapping along every lyric during Atmosphere's set was nothing short of incredible. I have so many feelings about that night that I can't properly describe them all. In short: it was refreshing and inspiring to be there and see what this indie record label has become. Definitely inspires me to keep doing my thing and stay persistent and keep chasing my dreams.
And now to the photos:

Thanks for looking.

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