Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fifty-Two // Hannah Wagner

Last week was another one of those weeks where I thought I had a subject lined up well in advance, but again, life happened and it didn't quite work out. It was Friday afternoon and I still had not taken pictures of anyone and I was really thinking I was going to miss a week. Normally I would have made sure I wasn't going to miss, but I was busy packing and finishing up some chores before I made my way out to Minneapolis, so shooting wasn't my first priority. 

Just as I was hitting a wall in my packing/cleaning process, I received a text from my good friend Hannah. She was finishing up with class and wanted to know if I wanted to hang out for a bit. The timing was perfect, I needed to get out of the house, I needed to shoot, and I hadn't seen Hannah in a few weeks or so. So it worked out perfectly. She came by my house to pick me up, I hopped in her car camera around my neck, and I broke the news to her. "Hey, so I'm going to take some photographs of you, just so you know." Hannah's always been interested and supportive of my photography, so I knew it probably wouldn't be a problem, and of course she was a good sport about it. Side note: Hannah recently took a trip to Russia that she was telling me all about while we hung out and shot. So you'll notice the various lighting throughout the photos-- we started shooting with beautiful, optimal lighting, and ended up shooting until sundown. Hannah had a lot to say about Russia and there were several instances where I would listen intently instead of shooting before realizing that I needed to shoot quick because the sun was retreating. Take a look:

I got some bonus pics for y'all now!
Once we wrapped up shooting, we made our way over to Burger Parlor to grab a basket of Sriracha Fries. I didn't have really high expectations, to be honest (unpopular opinion: I don't really like Sriracha as much as everyone does-- I think it's okay, just not as great as everyone makes it out to be. I'm more of a Tapatio guy. That's the hot sauce in my bag. Swag), but let me be the first to tell you these fries were absolutely delicious. We talked about Russia some more over the plate of fries, then went over to see Hannah's sister, Summer at her job.


Thanks for looking and sorry I'm late. I was busy all day yesterday getting all the President's Day discounts at Goodwill and Salvation Army-- I came up on some good flannels. I gotta figure out who/when I'm shooting for this week out here in Minneapolis. I have a few people in mind, but I haven't reached out just yet. If you or someone you know would be willing to be a subject in the future, holler at me: ricardozapataphotography@gmail.com or on instagram: @zapataphoto
I'm gonna leave you with one last bonus pic of Hannah hamming it up.

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