Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jack

Baseball season is just about here. And to celebrate that, I wanted to take a break from all the #fiftytwo posts and share some of my favorite photos from some of the MLB ballparks I have visited (and had my camera with me). I've been to I think 17 parks now, although 4 of those were either for ballpark tours or just strolling around during the off-season (Wrigley, Citi, Turner, and OPACY). And when I went to see the Nats play, it was while they were still playing at RFK. You won't see any photos of my trip to Rogers Centre (Toronto) because I didn't really get a chance to roam around and take pictures during my visit. And you won't see any from RFK because that was prior to my serious photo days-- I'm sure if I did some heavy digging, I'd have a few pictures from RFK taken with a disposable camera or maybe even my Minolta Maxxum.

We'll start off at one of my favorite stadiums, Fenway Park. As most of you probably know, I lived in Boston for a few years so I frequented this park. I'm just mad at myself for not bringing my camera with me every time I went.  Way to go 2008-2011 Ricardo.

We'll keep it in the AL East and head over to (new) Yankee Stadium. This is another park that I went to multiple times, but only took a few pictures. Literally, a few pictures. Most times I went, I took my little point and shoot camera with me rather than my main digital kit. Strike 2 for 2008-2011 Ricardo. So I'm going to only post 1 shot from NY.

Next, we'll head West to the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Minnesota. I've been there for one MLB game and one NCAA BIG10 tourney. The time I was there for a Twins game, they happened to be playing the Angels. Woo!

We're gonna head on down South to Texas now-- sorta feels like a roadtrip, eh? I lived in Texas for a little bit and was fortunate enough to travel to Arlington once while the Angels were in town and down to Houston once for Opening Night Baseball. And let me just tell you one thing about Texas baseball/ballparks, they do not believe in veggie dogs. After a couple of long trips around BOTH stadiums, I found out the hard way. Texans don't know that veggie dogs and gluten free dogs are not the same thing.

We're gonna keep it in the AL West and head up to Seattle-- side note: now that the Astros are in the AL West, that's a bunch more trips to Texas for the Mariners. I read a couple years ago that they traveled enough one season to circle the globe more than 2 times. IN ONE SEASON. Wow.

Now down South to California-- woo!!!! In 2015 I finally visited both Bay Area parks. And in the same weekend! Prior to that I hadn't been to either stadium. I love them both. I know people talk a bunch of crap on O.Co, but I love it. And of course AT&T is beautiful, I don't think anyone has ever doubted/disputed that at all. 

We're gonna skip over LA/OC for now and go from SAN Francisco to SAN Diego-- I'm trying to keep it all connected here (although, I could have went from Oakland to Anaheim to keep all the AL West parks together, then went SD, SF, LA to group the NL West parks together but nahhhhh). I mentioned that I got to see Opening Night in Texas a few years ago. The following year, I got to see Opening Night again, down in San Diego when the Padres hosted the Dodgers. Another first time park for me. I think I took more pictures during the events before the game than the actual game, but that's okay. It's now an excuse for me to go back. I love Petco Park. It has an East Coast feel to it with being located in downtown right off the street, not surrounded by parking lots. 

See here's where I go NL West to NL West. As an Angel fan, I think it's implied or expected (whatever you wanna call it) that I'm supposed to H-A-T-E the Dodgers and Dodger Stadium. And believe me, I used to. But let me tell you. I LOVE GOING TO DODGER GAMES. I love the stadium. I love the experience. I love the fans. I love it. Call me a bad Angels fan or whatever, I don't care. Dodger games are a blast. 

And finally we're gonna wrap it up at home. I could have probably dedicated a whole post to all my favorite photos from Angel Stadium. It's going to be hard to keep it to a minimum. Especially after already bombarding y'all with close to 30 photos already. I love Angel Stadium. Even though it's not my favorite ballpark and not even close to the most fun (as far as the 'fan experience' goes compared to other parks), nor is it the most historic or majestic, but it's home. And I love it. I love spending spring/summer evenings at The Big A with my pals. I've had many great memories there and look forward to several more (hopefully seeing them win another World Series is in there somewhere).

Thanks for looking! If you follow me on twitter/ig, post your favorite picture of your favorite ballpark and tag me in it-- I'm always eager to see/hear about everyone else's favorite parks. Happy [almost] baseball season everyone! I can't wait to get back out there, it's been too long. This season I'm hoping to see a few more parks. PNC is at the top of my list (the Angels have a series there this summer). The Angels also play the Cubs in Chicago and that'd be fun to get to see a game at Wrigley rather than just the ballpark tour, but we'll see. I wanna see KC pretty bad too and I think that's a little more affordable/realistic so hopefully that'll get crossed off the list. And if I can, I wanna see Miller too since it's not too far away. Before I go, I'll leave you with a couple bonus pictures from when I got to be on the field at Fenway (thanks Tayler)! And I'm only wearing the Boston shirt because I make it a point to cheer for the home team unless they're playing the Angels.

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