Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fifty-Two // Alexis Politz

Hey y'all, I'm back a day later than usual-- I was busy watching baseball yesterday and beginning my birthday celebration. Last week I had a day off early in the week, so Alexis and I met up for a bit while she had some free time in between class. Because the weather was so nice, we decided to go for a walk and hit up a playground near MCAD. We mostly goofed around and talked a lot, but I was able to get some photos in. I've known Alexis for quite some time (mostly over the Internet) and about 3 1/2 years ago we had finally met in person. We've always been very close and supportive of each other's art-- she is an amazing artist btw and now that we're both in Minneapolis, I think it's fair to say that we are both excited to be able to hang out and get together and eat pizza more often than the once, maybe twice a year occasion. 

After hangin in the park, I asked her to take me back to her studio space at MCAD so I could see some of her work and photograph her in her element. Once we arrived, we had only about 15 minutes or so before Alexis had to get back to class so I kept it kinda simple. Again, we spent most of that time talking and goofing around-- when we're together we laugh a lot and make a lot of dumb jokes. But to be fair, we also talk about art and life and get pretty deep/personal too. Alexis is just one of those people that I am very happy/lucky to know. Going back to the first time we talked, we just clicked right away. I think we became familiar with each other based off of similar music interest, but quickly learned that we had much more in common and really became good friends. There have been plenty times where I've posted that I wanted to photograph people and Alexis has always volunteered, but the whole being 2500+ miles away made that difficult, so this time it finally worked out. And now that I think of it, I think this is the first time I've taken her picture (besides the several goofy pictures we have together).

Thanks for looking! If you want to see some of Alexis' work, head over to her website-- you'll see that she's really good at what she does. I really want to do some collab stuff with her in the future. Anytime we talk about life and our path/plans and art I feel like she's moving in such a great direction. I think back to when I was younger and think to myself, 'man I wish I had her outlook/charisma/enthusiasm/talent/drive when I was her age'. She's really moving in the right direction.  
Head back over here in a couple days, I'm going to post some photos from the P.O.S show at Icehouse over the weekend-- you don't wanna miss those. Until then, take care y'all and happy baseball season!

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