Friday, April 15, 2016

Fifty-Two // Jasmine Martinez

Oh my gosh, it's already Friday and I'm barely getting around to updating-- sorry. It's been a busy week. I got back to Minneapolis late Monday night after a quick quick, busy weekend in Fullerton. Then I've been working all week and just haven't had the time to really jump into these images like I've wanted to. Anyhow, while I was home I convinced my little sister to let me photograph her for my project. I didn't really have any ideas in mind-- originally I wanted to photograph my good friend Kyle either before or after we had my video shoot at Angel Stadium. Unfortunately he was unable to make it, so once again I had to rely on a last minute plan b. 

Jas was more than willing, but it took her a little bit to get comfortable with my camera. At first we had a roll of seamless set up in the backyard and I was going to try and make some studio style portraits but I wasn't really feeling the vibe, so we went out to the field over by the airport. The sky/lighting/clouds looked so nice. And when we got out there, Jasmine seemed a lot more relaxed and confident. This is the first week of this project where I have utilized flash-- in prior weeks I've shot only with existing light. It took me just a couple of minutes to get the correct exposure and flash output I was looking for-- I've still got it (insert sunglasses emoji). This is also the first week I've photographed a family member. So many firsts happening here. 

Hours later, I had forgotten about the seamless setup in the backyard and went out to the garage to grab something. I figured before putting it away, I might as well get a little more use out of it so I asked Jas (and Jon) to entertain me and let me take a few more photos. Thankfully they were into it.

Thanks for looking! I have a couple more blog posts coming over the weekend. They'll serve as a weekend update from last weekend-- FC Baseball, FC Night at Angel Stadium and some shots from Luke's brown belt promotion. Make sure to come back and check them out. I'll leave y'all with a few bonus pics. First up is Jasmine's senior portrait pose, then a couple shots of my little Frankie nugget. I can't wait to get her out here next month!!!!! Ahhhh I miss my little puppy. 

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