Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Road Trip Day 2: Horseshoe Bend & Four Corners

Okay yesterday's post was a little short-- I was on my way out the door to see Beyonce, so I feel like I might have not given my post the proper attention it needed. But can you blame me?

So after a night of much needed sleep, Tuesday morning we packed up the car and drove alllll the way down the street to Horseshoe Bend (we stayed in Page, AZ, and Horseshoe Bend is also in Page). The hike from the parking lot to the actual bend in the river was about a mile or so-- pretty easy, but I hadn't realized that our elevation was significantly higher than back in Fullerton (and Minneapolis) so that explained all the huffing and puffing. I had seen several pictures of Horseshoe Bend while I was planning for the trip, so I knew it was going to be great, but when I arrived I was very very surprised-- it looked even more amazing in person.

This is the view walking in toward the bend-- see you can kinda see it.

But now you can reallllllyyyy see it and appreciate it.

What really tripped me out was the complete absence of any
hand/guard rails. You could literally walk up to the edge like this woman.

So we did. Me and Jas hung our feet over the edge which was pretty
scary for me. I'm afraid of heights and being this close to the edge definitely
made my tummy feel a little funny, but it was also a rush. My mom was not amused.

Even Frank wanted to go to the edge-- I thought this was close enough.

I don't think you have to be a geologist to recognize how much this place rocks!

Originally, I was just taking a picture of my mom and Frank, but once
I saw this image, I thought it was so cool to see how flat it all is.

After a couple hours of hanging out and climbing rocks (and freaking out my mom), we were back on the road. We were a little behind schedule-- we still had to drive all the way across Arizona, and half of Colorado, but we didn't anticipate Horseshoe Bend to be so much fun. Honestly, I kinda thought we'd get out of the car, see it, take a picture, then be on our way. I'm glad I was wrong.

Along the way to Colorado we saw some big buttes.

And some not so grand canyons. But still pretty cool.

"Hurry Jas, we gotta get back on the road-- let's go!!"

Our routing to Colorado had us passing right by the Four Corners Monument, so we decided that we had to go check it out. Our thinking for most of the trip was, "well, when are we going to be back this way?" We spent a little more time there than we had planned due to a rainstorm that came in and kept us all in the car for a little bit, waiting for it to die down. I was really hoping that I'd get a picture of Frankie sitting right in the middle, but they had a strict 'No Dogs' policy. Jerks. 

I took both these pictures while standing in Arizona and 
New Mexico at the same time. Whoa!

I don't have any pictures of our drive through Colorado because 1. I was too busy enjoying the view and 2. It got pretty dark pretty quick. Oh and we had to drive over Wolf Creek Pass (almost 11,000') in that darkness. Oh and while we were driving over it, we narrowly escaped a snow storm. I think if we were 30 minutes behind we wouldn't have made it over the mountain-- we drove through quite a bit of snow, but I think we just beat the bulk of it. Driving through that is a whole other story for me to tell, but let me tell you, now that I've driven through that, I feel very confident with my driving skills. Boom!

Alright, thanks for looking, y'all. Tomorrow I'll be back with the little bit of pictures I managed to take while we were in Colorado.

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