Thursday, May 26, 2016

Road Trip Day 4: The Home Stretch

Thursday. Last day on the road. Easiest drive-- only 6 hours instead of the usual 10 hours. I planned that. I wanted the last day to be easy so we could get home and relax. We got out of Omaha pretty quickly and planned to drive straight to Minneapolis only stopping for gas and bathroom breaks. On the road I noticed that we would pass right by the Iowa state Capitol, I asked my mom and Jas if they wanted to check it out, got the thumbs up from both of them. We stopped quick, took some pictures, let Frank stretch her legs and take a doodoo then we were back on the road.

As we got closer to Minnesota, the weather was getting cooler and wetter. Frank was getting pretty tired of being in the car so we made a stop at the Iowa/Minnesota state line to fill up one last time and let little Frankie dog get some air. I think Jas and my mom bought a couple postcards and souvenirs from the Iowa Welcome Center, then we were back on the road. I drove from that point so I didn't get any more pictures of the trip. As we pulled into Minneapolis we were catching the beginning of rush hour which was not making me happy-- I just wanted to get home as quick as possible. Like Frankie, I too was getting tired of being confined to the car.

We finally made it home around 5:30 or so. About 30+ hours on the road and nearly 2,300 miles. It felt good to have a home cooked meal, put my feet up and not have to worry about getting to bed/getting up early to be back on the road. Frank was a little curious about the new digs, but when she saw her basket full of new toys she was all about it. Jas and I had thought about watching a movie, but we were both pretty tired so I think we all ended up in bed by 10pm-- I think the earliest we had gone to bed all week. And boy did it feel nice!

Thanks for looking-- tomorrow I'll post some photos of hanging with the fam in Minneapolis.

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