Monday, March 27, 2017

Baseball Stuff

So I've been back here in Southern California for almost a week now (it'll be exactly a week at 11:05p PDT) and in that week I've already been to/photographed three baseball games (with a fourth coming tomorrow).

I've never considered myself a sports photographer-- I've never had any training or instruction on it, but I kinda fell into the role at Fullerton College. Long story short, I got hired to do football pictures after working my way onto the sidelines and the college liked my stuff. Fast forward to a few years later and I went out to take pictures of the baseball team one day for fun and I fell in love.

Baseball is my favorite sport to shoot, hands down. My only complaint is I wish I could physically be closer to the action, but I'll take what I can get-- I aint tryna get hit with any baseballs. Shooting baseball is very relaxing and therapeutic (if you will) for me. The pace of the game, the routine/habits, the process, the camaraderie, all of it just really resonates with me and calms me down. I LOVE SHOOTING BASEBALL. Sometimes it's hard because you get stuck in a slump and feel like you're just taking the same photos over and over again, but I like the challenge of showing up to the same place repeatedly and trying to get different results. Sometimes I'm successful and sometimes I'm definitely not. Anyhow, here are some of my favorite shots from the past week of baseball:

Thanks for looking-- I'm sure there will be plenty more baseball pictures coming in the future (especially with Opening Day just a week away now!!!!)!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

P.O.S at First Ave

It's been kinda busy for me the past few days so I'm a few days late posting these, but whatever here they are anyways.

Saturday night the homie, Stef headlined the First Avenue Main Room after wrapping up a chunk of his Chill, dummy tour. If you haven't already purchased/downloaded/streamed the album already, you need to get on it. Stef continues to bring it, time and time again-- this album bumps. **Obviously** the show was great! I don't think I've ever seen P.O.S (or any Doomtree member) and haven't been impressed/mobbin out/singing along. Rowsheen had a DJ set to kick off the evening, then Invisible Boy went on (both of which I missed, oops sorry-- no pictures) so we'll jump right into Zuluzuluu:


Thanks for looking

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Bonus California

Follow up from yesterday's California post; here are some instax I took while I was home (minus the ones of Kyle and myself outside the shooting range-- I haven't scanned those in yet).