Monday, April 17, 2017

Joshua Tree

Friday night we were trying to figure out what we were going to do for Jasmine's bday. Originally the plan was to go to the Ren Faire but it wasn't looking like too good so we were coming up with alternate ideas. LACMA maybe? Salton Sea? The beach? And then my mom had said something about all National Parks were offering free admission for the weekend. We jokingly said we should make a quick Yosemite trip (well I said it jokingly, but if anyone agreed, I would have gone for sure). I brought up either Sequoia, Death Valley, or Joshua Tree (I've never been to any of them). Realizing Joshua Tree was significantly closer, I had increased my push for that idea. My mom and sister didn't need too much convincing.

I've noticed that anytime I come across a dog lately, I stop and
take a picture or two. (send me pictures of your dogs!!!!)




Thanks for looking-- I'll be back with another post when I have some more photos to share. Any ideas of what/who/where I should go shoot next?
Also, if any of my readers are planning a [camping] trip and want a photographer to tag along to capture all the fun times, holler at ya boy.

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